Descriptive Essay On The Zombie Apocalypse

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The Zombie Apocalypse

Under the moonlight that strike passed through her transparent glass windows, Ellena sleeps on her medium-sized bed. Her stars and moon purple printed blanket covers half of her body as she sleeps on sideways with one knee bent position.The sound of her deep, but even breathing fills her violet-themed bedroom. Everything in her room is a shade of her favorite color.

It was not soon when Ellena starts to hear sounds from afar that wakes her a little. Unable to properly distinguish the sounds she was hearing, she brushed the thought away.She then lazily rolled on the other side of the bed and put herself back to sleep. Moments later, she realizes it was an eerie moan and groan she was hearing all the time. She felt the urge to
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It was taller than her so she looked up to see his face. He has a wide-open mouth, a crooked, big, yellow set of teeth, a freshly open wound on his nose that shows off his red flesh, intense looking eyes with a small black dot on its center, a pale looking face splattered with blood from the rotten flesh of his wounds and a messy black hair. She is now fully aware that she is standing face-to-face with a zombie –a living dead she usually sees on TV – and the only thing that separates them is the glass window. A small thud broke her daze when the zombie began to pound the window. Unable to suppress her terror, a loud, high-pitched scream escaped her lips.
She falls hard on the floor as she tried to back off from the window. Her heart starts to beat faster as she sees there are more of them. Behind the zombie pounding the window was a horde of zombies walking in a slow, heavy and awkward way. They wear blood covered tattered clothes that barely covers their rotting flesh. The serenity of the night was soon replaced by the groans and moans of the zombies as they make their way to her. Seeing how the mouth of the zombies’ twitch as they go near to her made her blood run

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