Descriptive Essay On Tortillas

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Tacos/tortillas, tamales, and beans oh my! The Valley is the perfect place to be for the more realist mexican food without crossing the border and for the best mexican traditions to have around. My great grandparents house was always the place to be, food or just for family time. After school, walking into my grandparents house, you would always find my great grandma in the kitchen right by the stove flipping tortillas on the pan. She always made sure to leave rolled dough ready for us to flatten with rolling pins that she had out just for us. As a kid, I never had a perfect flattened circle, they always came out as every other possible shape but a perfect circle but they were still so delicious after my grandma would cook them over the stove. You can never go wrong with beans and tortillas! My great grandma always had smashed beans ready in another pan on the stove for us to put on the tortillas. It was so good that I would never get tired of eating it, a taco of beans and cheese. Wed always be getting up from the table and back into the kitchen to make another one of those tacos and as many times as you…show more content…
Its a tradition where its all my cousins from the very youngest to the oldest that all have something to do when we gather at my great grandparents place to make the tamales. Making tamales with them is no joke, my grandparents get so many orders that we have to always make a certain amount of dozens by a certain time to be on track. How it worked was, my grandpa would make the masa, throwing in the boiling water and adding in his own spices and then hed slowly begin to mix it all together by hands, constantly turning and beating it together. My grandma would be taking out the soaked corn husks and my cousin and I would be the ones helping her separate the ones that were a good enough size to the ones that we wouldn 't be
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