Personal Narrative: My First Vacation To Florida

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Vacation. The time of year you get to relax and not stress about your upcoming test or homework assignment. Going on vacation was favorite traditions ever since I could remember. The tradition started when my Mom’s parents took her to Sanibel island in Florida, after driving for a little bit off the island they found a very small island called Captiva island. This little island was filled with houses, shops, beaches and many restaurants. They loved it so much, that every year they decided to go back.
When my mom grew up she carried on the tradition, and brought me. My first vacation to Florida, I was two years old, and we decided to drive. You can imagine how happy my parents were driving 19 hours with a crying baby in the backseat. When we made it to Florida we stayed with my grandparents in a house they were renting for a week. This was a very big house with three floors and a pool in the
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I took my plate and began eating outside by the pool. After breakfast I put my bathing suit on and jumped into the pool. The cold water refreshed me from the hot beaming sun. I went back inside to dry off and got ready for the beach. I packed a small bag of books, towels, sunglasses and a camera. Our family headed to the beach. After a long day of endless fun at the beach we packed up our stuff and walked home. I hopped in the shower and threw on some clothes. I grabbed by bag and wallet. My sister and I jumped in the backseat of the car and drove to the island stores. We shopped until the sun went down and then went out for a nice family dinner. After dinner we walked along the beach, and ate ice cream. The sun was going down and the sand was cold. The waves had calmed and the wind was still. The sun slowly set as we watched on the beach. We drove back to our house to play board games and watch movies. As I climbed into bed I realized how great my day was and wrote about it in my
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