Personal Narrative: Galentine's Day Party

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On Monday afternoon I received a text from one of my close friends, Kennedy, inviting me to a party. She told me that one of her gay friends was having a Valentine’s party for “all the single ladies.” I had met her friend, Christian, a few weeks before while we were studying in the library, and since then we had all studied variety of times all together in the library. He texted Kennedy to invite both of us to his “Galentine’s Day” party. (Gal, standing for girl) His text read, “Hey you single pringle, doing a little Galentines dessert get together at 9pm on Wednesday at my place if you don’t have a special someone to take care of you that day! Hope to see you there babes.” A heart, flowers, and a kiss emoji’s followed. I was very excited to attend this party for many reasons. First off, Christian could very well be the sweetest person I have met while in Utah during my first year away from home. It is easy to tell that his self concept is well developed. He gives off such a positive energy when he enters a room, his contagious laugh radiates smiles to everyone present, and his social media depicts his true beliefs and personality. Second off, I know that he is a great cook. He has raved about the baked goods he makes and has shown me…show more content…
Growing up, I attended small private Catholic schools in grades K through 12, so I never had a lot of exposure to gay culture. The Catholic church imparts somewhat of a stigma against homosexuality. Although this stigma is rooted in scripture, many Catholics believe that homosexuality is a sin and should not be accepted. Although I was raised in the Catholic faith, I don’t particularly agree with these morals and values set in place. My cultural relativism abled me to observe and not judge the culture I was surrounded by when I attended Christian’s party. Instead, I had to take a step back to make observations and note my thoughts and reactions to the
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