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Valenza Restaurant: The Ultimate Italian Feast of Meadville PA Valenza’s is an Italian restaurant located on Perry Highway in Meadville, Pennsylvania. The restaurant serves Italian food, and is owned by a local Italian family. Though the restaurant has been owned by different owners for the last decade to say the least, the year it opened is unknown but has no effect on how the restaurant stands. This restaurant has a variety of food with great prices, a terrific location, and splendid service to us customers. I could always remember the feelings I got in my stomach, and the way it grumbled when I heard we would be eating there. The strict smell of herbs filled the driveway as we pulled in, and when we walked into the tiny Italian place.…show more content…
The menu contains wonderful appetizers, and they are always cooked to your liking. The garlic and cheese knots have always been my favorite of the whole appetizer menu. The pasta is thoroughly cooked to the customer’s taste, and the sauce is a no-brainer when ordering spaghetti. There’s always add ins if they think the dinner needs more flavor such as broccoli in your chicken alfredo. Their pizza is magnificent, and you can even take it to go from the to go menu. Valenza Restaurant has a great location, which is right by the movies in Meadville. They’re open until nine or ten o’clock, which means before or after seeing a new movie, you can go in and sit down for a nice fulfilling dinner. It isn’t out of your way from going to a Walmart trip for groceries, or a trip to get gas for your car. Valenza’s is right in the area, and has quick service too if you have anything planned. Every time I have gone there, the service has always been wonderful. The servers are nice, the take out experience has always been a breeze, and the food has always been the best Italian food that I’ve had. The servers have always been great at keeping you updated on your meals and drinks, and are easy to talk to if there’s an

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