World War 1 Art Essay

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Essay World war 1:we are talking about war in which died 17 million people including solders. World war 1 began on july 28, 1814. When Austria-Hungary decleared war on Serbia. This little war attracted Germany, Russia, Great Britain and France. The world war 1 ended in 11 november 1918. We can’t imagine the world without art. During the world war 1 people used art for future generation because they wanted to future generation know about history of world war 1. There was a lot of artist who’ve painted the world war 1 for example: Chriscopher R.W. Nevinson; Marc Chagall and others. An example of such paintings we can show ; Canadian’s at Ypres ; Charge of the light brigade; saving the guns and others. Charge of the light brigade was painted in 1854 by Thomas Jones Barker. This painting saved in Defenece Academy of United Kingdom. Britain sent the light brigade mistakely to Russian solders to destroy they .Saving the guns: Richard Caton Woodville drow this painting in 1882 for battle in Maiwand but now this painting saving in…show more content…
Located in Ottawa, Ontario the museum covers all facets of Canada's military past, from the first recorded instances of death by armed violence in Canadian history several hundred years ago to the country's most recent involvement in conflicts. It includes major permanent exhibitions on wars that has been fought on Canadian soil, the total wars of the twentieth century, the Cold War and peace support operations abroad, and Canada's history of honouring and remembrance. There is also an open storage area displaying large objects from the Museum's collection, from guns to tanks, from bikes to airplanes. The exhibits depict Canada's military past in its personal, national and international dimensions, with special emphasis on the human experience of war and the manner in which war has affected, and been affected by, Canadians'
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