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The Wyoming Dream The clean air and towering trees of the Rocky Mountains surround my humble abode. She lies on a massive mountain with a sheer cliff side dropping around 200 feet. The gargantuan Douglas fir cabin has a warm, welcoming red finish. The lincoln log structure is covered with windows. There are 5 stone steps leading up to two strong oak doors with the American flag planted above them. Entering the massive house shows a mudroom. It’s a quiet, normal mudroom that is small with a grey rug that grips the feet. A row of shoes and rugged boots lays under a coat rack, and a shelf with a few hats hangs above them. A Pink Floyd poster hangs on the far wall right next to a door with the words, “Welcome To The Machine” under it. Departing the mud room, sunshine and warmth always fills the room. The connected kitchen and living room are only split with different floors. The kitchen has dark purple marble flooring and the living room has oak wood planks. A long island sprouts out of the marble. All black appliances surround the island. Walking over to the living room, a stone chimney climbs up through the ceiling. Taxidermy big game animals such as a moose with antlers that seem suitable for carrying a man, a ferocious grizzly bear with the thrill of the hunt in his snarl and a Nilgai stands proud under them with his bullet proof leather. Mixed in with the taxidermy are portraits of famous and wise figures with some of their famous quotes. Some of these figures are

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