Welcome To The Machine Analysis

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The Wyoming Dream The clean air and towering trees of the Rocky Mountains surround my humble abode. She lies on a massive mountain with a sheer cliff side dropping around 200 feet. The gargantuan Douglas fir cabin has a warm, welcoming red finish. The lincoln log structure is covered with windows. There are 5 stone steps leading up to two strong oak doors with the American flag planted above them. Entering the massive house shows a mudroom. It’s a quiet, normal mudroom that is small with a grey rug that grips the feet. A row of shoes and rugged boots lays under a coat rack, and a shelf with a few hats hangs above them. A Pink Floyd poster hangs on the far wall right next to a door with the words, “Welcome To The Machine” under it. Departing the mud room, sunshine and warmth always …show more content…

The first door on the left holds a poker room. The room has bright red flooring. There are two octagon poker tables and one smaller square table in the middle. The two octogonal tables are identical. They both have elegant animal like legs with a soft green octogonal pads, poker chip holders and made out of birch wood. The tables look like they can come alive and walk out of the room. The smaller square table is black ashwood with a plum purple pad in the middle. Hung around the room are famous 1920 mobsters such as Al Capone, and Machine Gun Kelly. There is also the classic painting of dogs playing poker. The two octagonal tables are for Texas Holdem and Omaha and the small square table is for Pineapple. The next door on the left holds a room with books and a large television. I would use this room for research on psychology and political research. The first door on the right holds a gaming room with a massive TV, plenty of comfy chairs, pinball machines, multiple gaming consoles and a computer. The last room on the 2nd floor holds a bedroom for those late night that me or any of my guests want to be

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