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It was a marvelous summer evening. Only a few solitary fluffy pale tangerine clouds drifted across the seemingly endless skies. As people from all over the United States poured into the estate, a slight breeze passed through, carrying with it the sounds of chirping cicadas and excitement. They were either wearing colorful summer dresses that waved softly in the breeze or crisp suits. I myself, was wearing a rosy cotton dress that shimmered as I moved around to my utmost delight. We walked along for a while through the gravel road lined with weeping willow trees until we reached our destination: the estate. It was composed of an elegantly constructed house beside a sparkling clean azure swimming pool that all sat next to a lake that reflected the fading amber sunlight. In front of the pool was a gazebo with a honeysuckle vine intertwined with the pearl pillars. As well as startlingly white, lofty curtains twirled and waved in a fascinating dance when the soft breeze passed through, carrying the smell of fresh pressed juice and flowers. A slightly raised deck covered by a pergola was to either side of the gazebo. Under the vine, was an arrangement of elegant tables surrounded by delicate golden chairs all evenly aligned with a petite card which presented the name of a guest in neat calligraphy, indicating their position in the sea of tables. Feeling slightly apprehensive, I clung close to my mother due to the fact that I was in the company of many unknown relatives and not

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