Descriptive Essay

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The Ride
The ocean lapped the boat from side to side like an enormous cat playing with a ball of yarn. The mighty waves threatened to turn the boat over. “Hang on! We’re almost there” a muffled voice shouted as it tried to be heard over the roaring storm. I was so busy rowing that I hadn’t had a second to look up. I shift my gaze from the hostile surge of grey to the uninhabited lands of Antarctica. I couldn’t take my eyes off the white paradise as it got nearer and nearer. “Stop daydreaming and help us row the boat to shore” the voice snapped. We rowed vigorously against the storm to reach the barren coast covered in ice.
A Chilly Morning
Ah, how nice it feels to be with land under my feet again. We all take our waterproof coats off but we still have thousands of layers of shaped fabric underneath. It’s almost night time and we’re all starving. We cannot finish the emergency food supplies so we need to hunt fish. The storm has subsided. We build tents and sleep first, to gather energy for fishing.
The pure icy cold water gave a faint yellow glow as the sun appears. I take a picture with my camera as the sun doesn’t always come this high in the sky, especially in this month. I turn back to get my fishing equipment but the breathtaking view of the glaciers shining in the sun shuns me. I stand there like a frozen statue. The colors of white and golden that painted the landscape glittered and danced as the sun moved across. The air around was cold but the sun shining on my face
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