Descriptive Essay-Personal Narrative

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My father and I were traveling in our truck from our house, tired from packing for our trip to our box blind in the woods. We were going hunting for a deer that morning at four A.M. We were nervous feeling the pressure of hunting in our stomachs. It was a cold morning nearly fifty-degrees outside, cold enough that I needed warm clothing. I felt cramped while riding with all of our gear in the cab with us, wishing I could get out and stretch my legs. Eventually I fell asleep, listening to music on my iPod wondering when we 'll reach our destination. Watching the night go by in a blur, hoping that I will spot a deer.

Soon after I fell asleep, my father wakes me up to tell me we are at our hunting blind. Quietly, I slide out of the truck and
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Feeling I had more energy, I scanned the forest with my scope. The birds were chirping, the coyotes howling, the frogs croaking, and the fish splashing out of the pond when I recognized how beautiful the scenery was. I knew, right then and there, this is where I was meant to be. All I was thinking about at the moment was the smell of cedar, the sound of coyotes, the taste of the cold, crisp wind, and the the feel of my rifle in my hand, and the sight of the green grass blowing, the trees swaying, and the small doe standing right in front of me. I suddenly panicked, my heart pounding in my chest as I catch sight of this magnificent creature eating grass peacefully. At that moment, I reached for my rifle when it was not looking, and placed the crosshairs two inches behind the shoulder. I was shaking so ecstatically it was difficult to say steady. Once I stopped shaking, I breathed a long breath and cocked the gun. A few seconds later I pulled the trigger back and my gun leaped, crashing into my shoulder. My head was rushing so hard It was like the gun never leaped. I had just shot my first deer at my favorite place in the world, the great
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