Descriptive Essay: Planning And Preparing For A Vacation

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Plan and Prepare for a vacation. Planning and preparing for a vacation depends on one’s personality on what entertains them the most. Unfortunately, some people go on a vacation depending on what other people recommend. Some people don’t do enough research on the place that they are going to visit; they might not like the place or might not have the same interest as other people. People’s idea of a fun vacation differs. Nevertheless, people have to try visiting new countries and exploring new places. Preparing for a vacation may appear to be complicated, but it is actually easy if people understand the basic steps. The first basic step of planning and preparing for a vacation is knowing the personality of all the people going on the vacation. Some people would prefer their vacation to be all about relaxing and sitting by the beach. Others would like their vacation to be mostly about shopping. Also, if there is a child going with you on the trip you might want to think about visiting places that would…show more content…
You wouldn’t want to leave behind anything important. After knowing the exact destination of your vacation and what kind of activities you want to do, you should research about the place a little. Find out how the weather is like and pack according to the weather. The weather in some countries can be bipolar; it might be warm in the morning but freezing at night. Also, some countries can be extremely hot in the morning but a bit chilly at night. Pack an extra pair of jackets just in case the weather changes a little. In conclusion, planning and preparing a vacation involves three distant steps. The three basic steps are; knowing the personality of the people going on the vacation, what kind of vacation you would like, finding a hotel and last but not least packing for your vacation. After following all three steps you should have a pleasant vacation filled with joy and

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