Descriptive Essay: Sirmilik National Parks In Canada

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Sirmilik National Park is located in northeastern Nunavut and is one of the most isolated, yet marvelous national parks in Canada. It was officially established in 1999 and holds on to 22,250km2 of land. To begin, the word “sirmilik” means “place of glaciers” in Inuktitut. One form of these glaciers are cirque glaciers (bowl-like carves). They have influenced the mountainous areas of this park. They have created sharp peaks, ridges (depicted at top of my poster), and valleys/cliffs (depicted on the left side of my poster). These glaciers have also formed icebergs in the ocean located between Pond Inlet and Bylot Island. I have drawn a bit of this ocean in the top right-hand corner of my poster as well. Below this ocean, I have drawn hoodoos…show more content…
Luckily, there are oases, rivers, an ocean nearby, and relief from mountainous areas that make sure the park is not too dry. However, I have drawn more land than water in my poster to indicate fewer regions of water which shows the dry climate. To further add, because of the cold temperatures in this park, if it rains, the rain will most likely turn to snow (depicted on the ground and the mountainous regions of my poster). In addition, in the summer, the temperatures get a bit warmer (depicted on the left side of my poster). This means that in June, there will be a bit of snow, but July and August will be the only months without snow lying on the ground. Furthermore, the waters during the winter will be permanently frozen, luckily, as spring comes by, the ice will melt and animals will be able to have a drink from the oases, rivers, or ocean. To summarize the seasons in my poster, as you move from the left to right, you get from summer to fall to winter to…show more content…
Since this national park is located in a bit of the Northern Arctic and the Arctic Cordillera ecozones, a lot of the land is taken up hunting, fishing, trapping, and mining. This means it is important to maintain this park and keep it protected so it is not destroyed by human development. An example of ways this part maintains ecological integrity are having no camp fires. As explained in the previous paragraph, campfires will burn the limited supply of nutrients animals need to survive. Another example would be not feeding the animals and not littering. This is because what we eat can be harmful to animals. Removing or destroying features of this park (such as the hoodoos) are also prohibited because it is one of the important and natural sites of this park. A final example of ecological integrity is watching out for bird nests. Many birds in this park are ground nesters such as fulmars. When you destroy their nests, you’re destroying their home. Also, be aware of animals in general. In conclusion, these are the ways this park shows ecological

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