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There were times when people used to communicate via letters, telegrams and then emails. Today is an age of smartphones. It is virtually impossible to imagine life without one. Be it instant messaging, capturing happy moments in few clicks or watching your favorite show or movie, smartphones has the answer and solution for everything. It has become a new way of life. When it comes to the selection and buying of this indispensable commodity, there are a plethora of options flooding the market today. Latest brands, cutting-edge designs, models, features makes the decision of this important purchase very overwhelming and confusing for the consumers. We present you this very handy buying guide
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 Review sample videos and pictures: Check both these aspects as some smartphones take great pictures but average videos. Check for the quality of video and if the audio is choppy, very high pitched or distorted.

• Battery Life-Longevity: Smartphones with poor battery life are such put-offs. Ideally, a good smartphone should last for a day with moderate use. Normally a battery with the specification of 2000 mAh battery and can give 15 hours of talk time lasts the full day of use.
• Operating system, Processor, and Memory (RAM): A must look at features in smartphones is good OS, processing power, and memory. This does not necessarily mean more memory or power but good performance. There are a lot of great options in mid-range segment with better specs in terms of processor and memory. Some features to look at in mid-range segment are:
 1-2 GB RAM provides good performance
 8+ Megapixel camera-good picture and video
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With an array of options available, prices vary significantly with different levels of storage making it one of the imperative feature. Many brands and phones these days offers 32 GB or more of expandable storage at competitive prices.
• Build quality and Design: One of the ignored features, while choosing smartphone due to the availability of various phone cases, design and build quality of a good smartphone is really important. Manufacturers are putting a lot of efforts and expertise in building phenomenal designs such as custom made Moto X or Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s leather back. A little caution in handling the phone, avoiding drops and falls can definitely serve the justice to these magnificent designs.
With multiple features to look at before selecting and buying the best smartphone, the key is to do thorough research and look for the features that interest you most, are user-friendly as per your requirements and obviously not leaving a hole in your
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