Descriptive Essay: Song Revealed

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Song stood speechless while biting his lower lip, trying not to shed a single tear because his mother would slap him if he does. His father, the man Song thought he could trust, has abandoned him today, leaving his frail soul for the mother to whip and curse. His eyes increasingly become blurry until all he can see is the smudged vision of the floor and his feet. In this very moment, a flood of memories stream back to his mind, filling him with different emotions of his past and present. He, again, thought about his past; the time that he was bullied for being... different, or in other words, himself. Back in 8th grade, Song was an utter fragile and feminine boy, who would not show behaviors that a popular and typical “jock” would show. Every day, he would walk in the middle of the hallway full of disdain stares of other students, and sometimes laughter would initiate out of nowhere. Other boys and girls would point at his tight jeans, flamboyantly-colored shirt, and the creatively decorated sneakers with marker drawings of rainbow and flowers. Sometimes they would yank his backpack from behind, and he would fall with a loud thud, then everyone would stare and smirk at him as if he was an alien. He felt discriminated and isolated throughout middle school and high school. The…show more content…
But now, he is imprisoned in one standing place, incapable of escaping his mother 's ferocity. His heart beats faster with intense pulses that causes him to start having heavier breaths. He inhales a gulf of air as he gradually raises his head until he can entirely view his mother 's face. For a moment, he sees a blue butterfly flying pass the top of his mother 's head and disappearing into the living room. His mother suddenly grasps his thin neck and chokes the very soul out of him. He gags for air as he struggles to pull his mother 's wrinkled and firm hands
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