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The Hill
I dodge through the trees with a fresh layer of powder beneath me. I float on air with not a trouble in the world. The land then opens up in front of me, a white blanket covers the slopes. It is beautiful. There is nothing but pure happiness in my heart. I am on my own trekking through untouched snow. Exploring nature and all of its beautiful components. This is the feeling every time I snowboard on a powder day in Steamboat, Colorado. It is my perfect environment, my favorite place in the world in which I am always perfectly content. There are very few places in the world that I truly love and Steamboat is one of them. I have been going to Steamboat for as long as I can remember. My family has a condo directly to the left of the ski hill. Every time I go there is an amazing adventure. I have the opportunity to snowboard daily from opening to closing. When I’m on the hill there’s only one thing I need to focus on, the snow in front of me. I carve through the powder with a wide grin on my face. I love snowboarding and I am fortunate to have the ability to do it almost every weekend during the winter. It is even better when I know my Grandpa is right behind me. I have been skiing with him since the first time I strapped on a board. He loves every bit of it just as much as I do and that
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Being in a place that I love, with people I love even more, It doesn 't get better than that. I love that I have at least 60 more years of taking the 3 hour journey up to that magical place to do what I love most in the world. Forgetting my troubles and simply enjoying the beautiful scenery. I wouldn’t trade the time I get there for the world. It is my happy place. A place where nothing could ever go wrong. No matter how bad things are at that point, I can always could on having that time to brighten up my life. Steamboat, Colorado is the greatest place in the world and I’ll never let it

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