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The Buffet for Meat Lovers Whenever you want to have an expensive dinner or a buffet of meats, the first thing that should come to your head is a Texas de Brazil’s. I can remember two times I’ve been to Texas de Brazil. But the most memorable memory was the second time. My parents took me and my sisters because the next day I would be getting my braces so I wouldn’t be able to eat all that meat in one sitting, my braces would prevent me from eating. I also was able to go to the salad bar and pick out as many entrée’s as I wanted. I soon learned that Texas de Brazil was a Brazilian steakhouse that expanded to Texas and then soon to other locations throughout our nation. And I also learned that when one server comes over and serves you, they all crowd and surround the table until you flip a card over to the red side. With every meat carrier…show more content…
Texas de Brazil described their desserts as “Almost too beautiful to eat”. Almost doesn’t even begin to describe the words I would use for it, the beauty and potential the dessert holds is unbelievable. Servers bring the cake to one table and you see all eyes follow as the server passes. Your mouth becomes very watery and you instantly want to have a chocolate mousse cake. With its beauty comes great mousse. The chocolate mousse that comes in the cake is heavier than whipped cream but, can lift you easily off your feet. The chocolate cake is epic and incredible. moist and delicious, delectable and scrumptious. Just thinking about it makes you wish you were at Texas de Brazil. And when you put the mousse and cake together a piece of Heaven is waiting for you in the middle of the table. Whoever the chef is, they are very talented. They have American styled pie and pies and cakes that have they’re own Brazilian twist that make them special and even better. So even though they were made in America they have their own little twist from Brazil in them. Therefore saying go to Texas de Brazil and order your own Chocolate Mousse
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