Descriptive Essay: The Battle Of Trenton

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It was Christmas night, 1776. The sky looked like a giant black blanket that was thrown over the world. Bright stars twinkled far away, it’s light reflected across the choppy, frozen-over Delaware River. The air was icy cold. The boat rocked and bounced against the thick, chunky ice. George Washington and his 2,400 troops were stealthily traveling to Trenton to pull a surprise attack on the Hessian soldiers there. George Washington 's morale-boosting voice rang out against the stillness of the night, “I believe and declare my military strategy will win over the Hessians!” The hundreds of boats all let out cheers and shouts echoing across the frozen river. One of the rowers in Washington’s boat called to the others, “Do be careful,…show more content…
He shouted directions, “Reverse! Turn to the left, straighten out!” All the other boats followed his boat and the glowing lantern that was clutched in his right hand. “Land ho!” Someone from another ship called. Sure enough there was a huge piece of grassy land. The moonlight fell upon it giving it a mysterious, eerie look. It was still going to take awhile to get to Trenton, the ice was unrelenting and was hard to get through. The sky had now turned a lighter blue color. Red, orange and other colors flooded the sky were peering and rising over the horizon. There was that one perfect moment when everything is beautiful and tranquil, that was now. The troops from the boats watched this scene with admiration. Some got excited seeing the sight of land and started to work faster, breaking and rowing. I predict that the soldiers will dock around late dawn and quietly rest. Then, will attack in the early afternoon. I also predict that they win the war although a few might have died but the troops gave great effort. I do not think that they went back immediately, after conquering them the soldiers and Washington probably claimed Trenton and held the Hessians who have not died, captive. My last prediction is that they stayed for about a month they sailed back using the captives as
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