Descriptive Essay: The Beauty Of Aceh

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The Beauty Of Aceh (2) kuala beukah 2
9. Bate Tutong District
Batee village Tutong District is Batee Tutong District Tourism Village is a village in the town of Calang, Aceh Jaya district. The village is located about one kilometer from the town of Calang. At the time of driving a vehicle to Banda Aceh, the village is located on the left of the direction of Meulaboh. Village not far from the shoreline around approximately 20 meters. According to history long ago village called Bate Tutong District because each turn of the year the trees in the village located on an island menggalami withered like burnt. Since then and until recently was known as Kampong Tutong District Bate which means stone fire even though it was renamed the Panton prosperous but still call it by name means stone fire Batee Tutong District.
10. Beautiful Pines beach
Pine beach Beautiful addition to a beautiful white sand beaches, here are also available Recreation Park, which is one of the family leisure attractions. Beautiful Pine crowded beaches to visit not only from the Southwest Aceh district only, but also from other regions, especially on holidays and weekends. These tourist sites are under construction that will become a growing attraction. Facilities available at this time are food stalls, hall shelter, park bench, where children’s games, sports fields and the mosque. In addition, clean water services, electricity and telephone are also available at tourist sites this
11. Tourism Genang Gedong

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