Descriptive Essay: The Beauty Of North Carolina

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The beauty of North Carolina is divided into three diverse regions. The mountain region is to the west of North Carolina which tends to be a little cooler than the rest of the state. North Carolina also has the piedmont, it’s in the middle of North Carolina. It’s not just in the middle of the state it’s the middle of everything in North Carolina. You don’t have mountains, you have foot hills. You don’t have the ocean you have lakes, it’s not really cold and not really hot, it’s just right. After having a region full of coldness and a region of perfection you have the hottest, the coastal plains. In the coastal plains you have the beach and the outer banks. It’s obvious that if you’re a beach bum North Carolina is the place for you, if you a mountaineer North Carolina is…show more content…
North Carolinas Mountain regions lay in the Western area of North Carolina. It is home to many tourist attractions to go hiking, site seeing, and much more. The mountain region of North Carolina gets the most of the snow out of the other two. But you would be surprised that spring time in the mountains can experience heat waves of 90 degrees regularly. It is a beautiful time in the mountains overlooking bright green grass, flowers blooming, and leaves appearing. Although spring is usually in the 90’s you would be surprised to find that summer is only in the 80’s. During the summer in the mountains, thunderstorms are very common during the afternoons lowering the heat. Just like spring, the scenery of fall is beautiful. The colors of the leaves are absolutely breathtaking. To go along with that is perfect temperatures around 60-70 degrees, filled with dry crisp air. During the winter you will have occasional snow,

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