Descriptive Essay: The Best American Football Player

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We were midway through a tough season as we trotted onto Maquoketa’s field. Injury and mental mistakes had dropped us to a disappointing 0-3. We were hungry for a win, and we were playing our rivals. Music blared as we put our pads on, and the feeling in my gut before the game is indescribable. Our fullback was back after suffering a knee injury in our first game, and our wide receiver was back after being sick for the past week. I was so ready to play I just knew we were going to roll right over our rivals. I’d never been so wrong in my entire life. The game started off decent enough. We won the coin toss and chose to receive the ball first. We returned the ball to our own 30 yard line which is where our offense started. On our first play I kept the ball and scampered for a solid 9 yards. We then caught them off guard with the next few…show more content…
They knew we should be beating this team, and we knew it too. The third quarter started when we kicked the ball off to them. They had a decent return and set up shop on their own 35 yard line. Our defense struggled and they moved the ball to our 40 yard line where we stiffened up and made them punt. We got the ball on our 20 yard line and had immediate success in our running game. Soon, like before, we were marching down the field toward the endosome, and then like a broken record on the same exact play, on their 3 yard line I got blindsided and turned the ball over. They recovered as the horn sounded marking the end of the 3rd quarter. Our defense allowed no yards yet again and we quickly got the ball back. We used the same strategy to get the ball inside their 20 yard line, but we had learned our lesson. We weren 't going to run the ball this time we were going to pass. We faked the run and I threw the ball to our running back for the first touchdown of the game. We missed the extra point and set up to kick
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