Descriptive Essay: The Braves

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As I pound my bat against home plate I get ready for the perfect ball to come. Then it came, the perfect ball, could not have curved any better, I smacked it with my bat, It was out of the park! It could have been the last game of the season for the Braves Major league Baseball, we were the best, the champions, then the A’s put up a fight but they will not end it now.The A’s got the whole Braves team nervous, so we practiced for every day for the next two weeks preparing for game, then half way through two weeks of training the Braves were stronger, prepared, and twice as good as the used to be, they boosted their self esteem double their regular. Finally it was game time, the Braves were tougher than ever,the bleachers had no more room…show more content…
“Yea Franny! Come home! Then you see Franny Trotting home.... Second one in the season! Finally”. “Way to end half time Franny! Now we are three points ahead! Well let 's win this game then!” As the Braves are have a towering score 3 when the A’s had 0! The Braves got snacks and drank tons of water to get ready for the next inning, Then the half time ended, the Braves were not losing their streak now. “Come on will! Hit one out just like Franny!” Everyone got silent and watched closely, Will concentrated so hard it looked like his head was going to explode! Then he found it, the ball, it was perfect. “BANG!, RUN WILL RUN!” Then there was a moment of silence, the ball was out, The crowd screamed! “TWO IN A ROW, Come home Will!” Will picked the best time to get his first homerun! Then we all watched Will trot home, and then he touched home, scored two runs. “ Nice Will you brought Jack home! And you so two runs! Thanks.” The Score of the game now is 0-5 us. Now the Braves are tired, but still work harder than
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