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The Cabin In the middle of nowhere, clear back on a dead end road in a tiny town called Outing, there is a cabin. It is in Minnesota. When you picture a cabin in your head you think of a log cabin built entirely of wood that has a big fireplace in the living room and deer heads hanging on the walls. This cabin was different. It was a small, old white house that my family has called “the cabin,” way before I was born. It had a small fireplace in the living room that I have never seen be used and dead, stuffed fish hanging on plaques on the wall from years ago. It had two garages that were joined together with a door like an adjoining hotel room, but they were both detached from the house. Down the street from the cabin there is a liquor and…show more content…
Every day we were at the cabin our family would walk down the street and ice cream. It was by far the most favorite part of the day, not only because I love ice cream, but because I loved looking through the glass at all of the different ice cream flavor choices and pondering about which flavor I was going to pick that day. When I was younger it just seemed so magical and exciting for me to go and get that ice cream. The cabin is right on the lake, Lake Roosevelt. We had two different docks in the water. One dock was older and was in the shallow part of the water so the only thing we used that dock for was to tie the canoe up. The other dock is brand new because the one we had there before was made of wood and was rotting which made it unsafe for all of the grandkids to be on. My great grandpa built that dock himself, and it was hard for my great grandma to replace it, but it had to be done. On one side of the dock, the left side, the water was clear, without weeds and you could see the fish swimming in the water and the sand on the bottom of the lake as you stood on the edge. This is the side everybody swam on all the time. On the other side of the dock, the right side, it was covered with weeds and sharp, broken shells. This is where my

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