Descriptive Essay: The Carefree County Fair

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The Carefree County Fair People seem to be attracted to flashing lights and the smell of freshly baked goods, and that is why the county fair is so popular. You park your car in the field of green grass and step out of your air-conditioned car into the outdoor warmth that surrounds you. Then you feel a rush of excitement as you take in the pleasant smell of funnel cake, and look around at all of the amazing colors flashing from the sides of twisting amusement rides. The county fair offers not only mouth-watering foods and breathtakingly fast rides, but also unforgettable memories. You can’t resist the sweet smell of a freshly baked funnel cake doused with powdered sugar, so you unknowingly are led straight to the funnel cake stand. Now that…show more content…
While you were strolling over to the red and yellow colored spiral stand you heard someone call your name from behind you. You glanced back and see your best friend dressed in a navy-blue shirt and medium wash jean shorts with brown Birkenstocks standing by a green stand that sells fresh, yellow corn about 25 feet away from you. The both of you run up to each other and give the biggest hug, almost like in the movies where they jump into each other’s arms and are overwhelmed with joy. Your companion shares the experience of the elements corresponding with the fair. When you decide to get on the rides, your buddy is right by your side. On the rides, you scream together and as both of your hair blows around because of the momentum of the ride, you can’t tell if it is your hair that is whipping you in the face or theirs. At the county fair, the delicious foods and stomach-twisting rides contribute to the creation of thrilling memories with beloved friends. You and your partner in crime had a lively night eating mouth-watering junk food and zipping through the air on mind-bending metal contraptions. Not to mention, the thousands of breath-taking laughs shared to the point where your stomachs hurt. The best part about memories is that no one can take them from you. People need to treasure the extensive memories at are
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