Descriptive Essay: The Dangers Of Football

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Cold winds blustered through the decaying bars, separating players and fans alike from the verdant green stripes that had been manicured to absolute perfection. Shockingly, the sweet smell of grass was tantalisingly close. Suffocating me, consuming me, the dense crowd had me in its pervasive hold. My father tried to shield me from the adrenaline filled crowd, overcrowding the narrow gate, impatiently waiting to enter. Suddenly, the gates snapped open with the buzz of an alarm, the crowd rushed through, I felt as if I am being projected forward just from the sheer intensity. I lost sight of my father and bereaved the feel of his rough, and tenacious grip on my hand. While following this wave of people, there’s a sudden anxious pull on my wrist and it uprooted me from the overgrown crowd. In a moment, I got swooped up onto his huge shoulders, rising me above the crowds. I was engulfed in his safety.

I was heaved through the ocean of rowdy fans, using his strong forearms to split the sea of revellers. He brought us to the cold metallic chairs, a bright red colour, that fill the stadium. The seats were bright red with stickers and worn off marks left on, the wind continued to nip at the exposed skin of my cheeks. Around us, people 's cheeks turned a cherry red, only getting brighter in colour as the seconds pass. I was pulled closer to my dad, my cold limp body close to him and kept me under his strong arms, keeping me warm, shielding me from all danger. Meanwhile the
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