Descriptive Essay On A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Cold winds blustered through the decaying bars, separating players and fans alike from the verdant green stripes that had been manicured to absolute perfection. Shockingly, the sweet smell of grass was tantalisingly close. Suffocating me, consuming me, the dense crowd had me in its pervasive hold. My father tried to shield me from the adrenaline filled crowd, overcrowding the narrow gate, impatiently waiting to enter. Suddenly, the gates snapped open with the buzz of an alarm, the crowd rushed through, I felt as if I am being projected forward just from the sheer intensity. I lost sight of my father and bereaved the feel of his rough, and tenacious grip on my hand. While following this wave of people, there’s a sudden anxious pull on my…show more content…
The congregation’s heads twisted into contorted positions as they tried to catch a glimpse of the striker bending the ball into the net. Faces surrounding us unleashed battle cries of victory. The players on the field paraded around the pitch, only increasing the euphoria. Terrifyingly, the man next to me was beating his fists on the chair behind me, his face turning blue from his continuous support, his cheeks only getting a slight tinge of red from the nipping wind that continued to gust through the bleachers, in the open-air theatre of dreams. Throughout the game, the eyes of everyone were glued to the pitch, waiting, watching for something to happen, to warrant a release of emotion. There were moments when the angry opposition continued to holler vulgar insults, but my father kept calm, and tried to act as a barrier between those men and I.

There were a few more precious occasions that called for celebration and, after what seemed like a long and dreadful few minutes, the game was almost over. Extra time was added, those few minutes seeming like an eternity. My heart pounded in my chest as adrenaline surged through my veins as the timer was just about to hit zero. The referee blows the whistle. The game was over. Once again, the Red Devils had taken the win. People all over the stadium start screaming in victory as they had taken the
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