Descriptive Essay: The Day Moose Came To Town

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The Day Moose Came to Town

Erin Falls was never a sports town. We had baseball in the summer and an outdoor skating rink in winter; summers were hot and winters were cold. In 1912, Pumpkin Patch Park arose from a vacant lot at the north end of town. A makeshift baseball diamond first appeared in 1920 out of the dusty field that hadn’t seen moisture in decades. After gallons of water, bundles of fertilizer, and umpteen bags of grass seeds, it was transformed into a playable baseball field. At first, it saw little action. Then, some local teenagers formed a makeshift baseball team, and after that, the idea caught on.
When I was eight, I got interested in baseball from a book I received as a birthday present. With a few pennies I earned cutting grass and
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George Brown, a newly acquired teacher, volunteered to be our coach. George was a local boy born raised on a farm just south of Erin Falls. While in University, George decided to fulfil his lifelong dream of coaching a sports team.
I remember the day I saw the poster on the school bulletin board. I was the first to sign up. Within days, eight more names were added. We were all driven by the expectation that someday we, too, would be a star like Moose. Seeing the fire in our eyes and our eagerness to learn, George Brown knew that he’d finally found his reason to stay in Erin Falls.
Months passed, and it quickly became apparent that “The Pumpkin Patch Park Marauders,” in their bright-orange jerseys, were finally a baseball team. What to do now? The closest organized team was twenty miles away. So, George Brown approached the only service club in town and asked for money. George not only got his money, but his wish also. The Erin Falls Marauders and their bright-orange jerseys beat the team handily; they also travelled, again and again, winning every game, all thanks to me, the pitcher who had registered twenty straight
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