Descriptive Essay: The Day Of The Beach

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The yellowish red sun gradually rising above the horizon as it was shy to light up the world. It project tons of sharp bright light into our eyes and we still can see it directly and clearly. The smell of the salty sea water and the sand surrounding it tickled my nose as I breathed in a breath of fresh air. In front of me was a place filled with the unending grains of golden sand, as if the whole beach was made out of gold itself. The sand was as smooth as a new born baby’s skin and the moment when I stepped into it, my feet decided to submerge itself into the sand. The white crashing waves were creating beats and it somehow made my heart pound like a synchronised drum beat to the waves. The waves felt angry by thundering through the rocks and it was inviting me in with its everlasting wide opened hands but my feet was totally implanted into the sand.

When the sun finally works its way up into the sky, that was the moment when my eyes turned into a camera, capturing every aspect of life and the stunning landscape that this planet has provide us. The sun greeted the world and the blazing light penetrated my cold skin and it gave me a boost of wildness. Birds were roaming around the sky, having the most freedom in life singing to the people beneath them like a harmonised choir. The fluffy clump of clouds started to fade away and the cold freezing sea started to heat up. More and more people were coming, most of them came here to fish, I could hear the fish screaming for
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