Descriptive Essay: The Fall Of Ralphy

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The heavens rumbled as the awakening of Summer heat clashed against the chilled air leaving a final sign of Spring. Bolts of lightning flashed throughout the charcoal sky and gum droplets smothered the cotton candy clouds layered on the ground. Puddles of chocolate and eroded skittles covered the lively grass fields. There’s nothing wrong with a storm, except when the storm is the reason you get caught. “Stop! Stop!” yelled George the Gingerman at the eight year old, Ralphy Red Gummy, who is running out of the buttercream covered shed carrying a load of shortening cookies in his backpack. “Give me back my cookies!” George hollers and chases Ralphy as the lightening strikes sugar canes growing from the ground forcing Ralphy to dodge left and right, face first into a muck of chocolate. Ralphy’s fall allows George to catch…show more content…
Gary opens the door. Without the chance to say a word to George, George begins “Your son is stealing my cookies again! This is the last time I bring him to you, next time I am taking this to the oreo policeman and their deviled dogs!”, drops Ralphy onto the wet ground and mumbles off back home. “Ralphy, how many times do I have to tell you not to steal George’s cookies, you know he is a grumpy old gingerbread man. Get inside and dry yourself off , then go in your room, I think it is time to tell you a story.” Gary spoke to his son in a calm yet stern tone. Ralphy pouts off and dries himself , snuggles himself into bed as he whimpers in guilt and waits for his father to come in the room. George walks into Ralphy’s room and pulls his yellow jello chair away from his desk and places it next to Ralphy’s bed. Ralphy’s father sits on the chair, “Now son, I think it is time for me to share a story with you. A story about your grandmother, your Aunt Lucy Blue Gummy, Aunt Ariel Orange Gummy, the Ice the Cream Queen and

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