Descriptive Essay: The Foster Kid

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The Foster Kid
Sheila Frazier once said ‘Foster children are brave little children.’ This is true, and what’s sad about it is the reason why they are one of the bravest kids ever. I remember being in 4th grade when near the end of the year we got a new student. This was rather odd given that it school was literally at an end so why even bother going thru the hazel of registering and doing all the paperwork if it was going to end. Either way that didn’t matter the new kid was here. When the teacher told him to introduce himself he was extremely shy. Eventually the teacher told him to sit next to me (given it was the only empty chair in the whole class) the one thing however that I did realize was that he was very wary and almost any sudden movement would scare him and make him jolt violently. As the days
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He started telling me how he would move houses and schools but he also told me how he missed his sister and hadn’t seen her in almost a year. That’s when I decided to ask him why. “It is quite simple you see, I’m a foster kid” he replied. “What does that mean, a foster kid?” I asked “Being a foster kid is the worst thing ever, you get bounced around from house to house always getting abused and the worst part is that you are never good enough to stay at one place, I mean I was never even good enough to stay with my own parents that they decided to leave my sister and I alone.” “That is not true I’m sure your parents love you maybe they had their reasons” I replied attempting to make eye contact with him but he was too distracted looking at the floor. “What reason is good enough for someone to leave their kids” he replies in a monotone voice. Before I could think of something else to say my mom had already arrived for me. “Bye I will see you tomorrow” I say as I walk towards the
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