Descriptive Essay: The Indianapolis 500

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The Indianapolis 500 has been one of the most important traditions in my family for decades and has been home to some of my greatest memories. Indianapolis has always been one of my favorite places to travel to and it has taught me about the excitement that lies within a not so exciting state. If I had a ticket to a perfect Indy 500, it would be one more chance to go again with my dad. We would get up early enough so that we could get into the infield at the track. Just like years past, we would park on this grandmother’s street right next to speedway drive and walk up to the track in the early morning. We would get to the track before all of the crowds and take the tunnel under the track to get into the infield. There, my dad and I would walk…show more content…
In our seats, which have been used by our family for decades, we admire the first turn of the race and its treacherous twist into the third turn. After the announcement of drivers, the national anthem, and the flyover, the crowd on the track slowly disappears and the driver’s engines come to life. Thousands of balloons fly away overhead and the drivers follow behind the pace car for the start of the five hundred mile race. My Dad and I stand up with the rest of the crowd and ready ourselves for the race. The pace car pulls away from the track and a thunder of high speed cars approaches the first turn. The noise of the cars blows my dad and me away but yet it is very familiar to us. Each lap is exhilarating with leader changes and multiple crashes at the first turn. The pit stops are ruthless and drivers take chances that have a great risk of ending their day racing. Every lap my Dad and I check to see how many positions Sage Karam has gone up and eventually the last lap reveals the new champion. Sage battles with top drivers for the checkered flag and he wins in the photo
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