Descriptive Essay: The Legend Of Over Day

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It was a bright, sunny, warm day at the town park. Billy, Dylan, Natalia, and Gabe were all about 11 years old. Billy was a short, chubby boy and Gabe was tall and skinny. Natalia and Dylan were both average height and slim. They were all smiling and laughing as they played in the grass. They played until it was dark, then as they walked home they realized that tomorrow was Over Day. They lived in a small town and it was overpopulated. The town became overpopulated because of a war in the towns nearby. The people moved to this town for protection and safety. The government created Over Day to help with the problem. Over Day is once a year and on that day they pick 10 people randomly to get killed. All of their smiles were quickly wiped away when Billy said, “Over Day is tomorrow.” They all became…show more content…
“Yeah, I under…” she couldn’t finish her sentence as the host interrupted.
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the annual Over Day. Today we will pick ten people to be taken to the dispatching arena,” said the announcer. Everyone was silent and attentive. They listened carefully and didn’t talk because they knew there were consequences. The announcer said, “We already have 3 people because they were late so we will only be picking 7.” As he picked people everyone was listening and hoping not to be picked. The family of the people picked watched their loved ones be taken and knew they couldn’t do anything about it.
Suddenly, Billy started crying. His name had been called. The others were too distracted with their own fears to hear. “That is it, we have all ten people,” said the announcer. They were all relieved. They turned around and saw Billy crying. They automatically knew Billy had been chosen. They quickly said goodbye before the guards came to take him away. As they witnessed their friend being taken away by the government their hate for Over Day grew inside of them. As well as their hate for the
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