Descriptive Essay: The Little Bear Gun Shop

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“Guys, this place is revolting”, I complained to my cousins as we strode into the “Little Bear Gun Shop”. It was my first summer with my cousins in their new home in Oregon and a leisure activity we had since we were in elementary school was going outside in the forests of Illinois and shooting ourselves with Airsoft guns, toy guns that fired small plastic pellets. Despite the new state the tradition needed to live on. The Little Bear Gun Shop’s name definitely wasn’t false advertising since there were enough guns in that place to fully arm a small town, and in the town of Tillamook, this was probably the case. If you weren’t satisfied with your pristine automatic rifle, the little bear had you covered. For Instance, Beef Jerky, chewing tobacco, off brand liquor, and a colorful gallery of ultra conservative bumper…show more content…
All at once, a barrage of pellets flew towards us, nevertheless, missing their mark. They were following us! In response, I fired aimlessly into the trees where Jared and Kaleb were hiding; the tall grass of the hillside making a great camouflage. In hope of not getting hit, I dropped down to the ground, gripping the cool dirt between my fingers. The smell of the damp earth and crumbled leaves shot up my nostrils. I felt a great pressure on my back, knowing I could be in Jared’s scope. There was a large Pine tree just a few feet away that would make great cover. I had no time to waste, knowing any second Jared would pull the trigger, I got up and dashed towards the tree. Without warning, I could hear the distinct sound of Caleb’s pistol open fire in my direction. Despite getting shot at, this wasn’t what frightened me. Behind me a thundering boom erupted. Out of all this shock, I endured a bombardment of terrible sensations as the fearful blow of the blast, the stings of multiple BB’s, and the outcry of a furious Caleb caught me off guard. Be it as it may, what tops them all was the eye piercing scream that wasn’t too far
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