Descriptive Essay: The Nicaraguan River

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The slippery, jagged rocks were calling my name as I anxiously awaited my turn to cross the unruly Nicaraguan river placed before me. Fear began to set in as I devised a strategy to cross the river’s frigid waters. Afterward, I carefully placed my foot into the feral water and began to slip. While trying to regain my footing, a welcoming hand reached out to my impotent body. The hand belonged to a masterful and stealthy boy. I only knew this boy for a few days, and we only communicated a few times, yet he still offered his caring hand. The slender boy swiftly maneuvered across the river, with me in hand, making sure to glance back time and time again to reaffirm that I was still standing. When our team finally arrived to our destination, a snow white waterfall towered before me, releasing a crisp mist onto my skin. The sound of laughter and excitement filled the air, and I was overcome with joy and fear as the murky waters daunted me. The natives and my fellow teammates made their trek to the top of the waterfall as I waited nervously at the waterfall’s base. One by one they all jumped into the…show more content…
Likewise, God wanted to teach me a lesson on persistence and dedication that day. Furthermore, God reminded me that He’ll never leave me or forsake me, and He promises to walk with me through every aspect of life. It may be frightening at times, but as my faith and trust in God has grown, I’ve learned that persistence and dedication pay off. From taking a leap of faith in Nicaragua, I’ve learned that I need to dedicate myself daily to Christ in order to grow in my relationship with Him. Additionally, everyday I reminisce on everything God has taught me and I utilize this wisdom to not only grow closer in my relationship with Him, but also to guide other people to Him. If I continue to dedicate my life to Christ each and every day, then the spine tingling leap of faith will all be worth it in the
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