Descriptive Essay: The Oakland Museum Of California

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The Oakland Museum of California is a remarkable place to experience art in a museum for the first. It is a small museum but, it has so much to offer. It includes an Art gallery, History gallery and a Natural Science gallery. Walking up to the entrance of the museum, I noticed the museum is small but it had a sense of space surrounding it. The exterior had little decorations and the building has a simple but very geometric shape. I mostly saw rectangles and squares that formed the building. I remember seeing the colors blue and grey all over the entrance. The only colorful areas of the entrance was the chalk wall and a sculpture of a nude lady. The entrance is the first stage where you prepare yourself to indulge in the artwork.
There were several people drawing and writing on the chalk wall. It was fun making our own art before looking at real art. Than again, anything can be art. Walking into the art gallery felt like a total mood change. Upon walking into the gallery, it was quiet, the lighting had dimmed and all you heard was footwork. Theme dictates the placement of all artwork in the gallery. There were rooms with abstract art with artists such as Sonia Gechtoff and in another room there
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I learned a lot, and I enjoyed all the artwork while I was there. Writing this essay is probably one of the more difficult essays I have written in a while. Mostly because I’am trying to understand the meaning behind an artwork. There is no right or wrong way to interpret art. Each person has their own interpretations. The difficult part is trying to make sense of it on your own. Etya tested my understanding of art in ways that I could not imagine. I was presented with a non-representational art piece. I could not compare it to anything in the real world. After carefully studying Etya, I came up with my own interpretation of it and what the artist wants us to take away from
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