Descriptive Essay: The Ohio River

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The Ohio River's waves are like algae tinted, sparkling mirrors underneath the hot January Sun, twinkling like brightly lit stars on cold winter's night. The slime, green algae covers the
Small, sand colored rocks like a wet blanket and is as slippery as an accidental oil spill. The winter air is moist and reeks of sour, wet wildflowers and day old rotting fish while the sound of busy, buzzing flies, hovering above it, blend in with the river's rhythmic wave like melody. The cold, snowy, winter winds, sweeps through the icicle covered tree branches, making them look like skinny arms waving up and down while sending its leaves floating into the freezing waters. Soft, white, snow covered evergreen pine trees sway back and forth, as the frigid winds pushes its way
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The Ohio River lives, it breathes and hears and sees all things around it and underneath its wet covers. Its crackling waves pound against the frozen ground like a strong, heart beating inside of its chest. Small, chattering squirrels frantically scamper throughout the crunchy woods and climb up trees in search of safety from the river's unpredictable waters. The slushy waters angrily crash against dry rotted tree trunks, knocking a family of fury otters into the splashing waters. While copper colored fish briskly swim in the frothing waters, the river's peak like eyes gaze into the snow blinding distance at The Purple People Bridge, that crosses over it like a deep arch in its back. The river hears the light, brown snake slither across its muddy waters and feels the tickles on its mushy river bottom as the small hard shell turtle crawls around in search of food. The river's beautiful twisting and winding flow is full of life, The Ohio River, keeps flowing through its course like blood flows through the veins in the human body. Its roaming

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