Descriptive Essay: The Rentschler Forest

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Rentschler Forest is a place that I grew up exploring. It is a park that I spent most of my childhood running about and splashing in the creeks. I would play on the playgrounds with determination, getting stabbed by wood chips every now and then. It is a place I have fond memories of, the memories tug a smile onto my lips. It is a place that brings peace to my being. There are a few trails to choose from, all equally worth the walk. Most of them loop around while a couple of them exit in different areas of the park. Some of the paths aren 't without obstacles. Sometimes there are fallen trees, their massive trunks blocking your way. Once upon a time, there was even a bridge that gave up after a long run, collapsing into the small ravine. If you wanted to cross, you 'd have to slide down into its grave and climb up the other side.…show more content…
Lining these trails are creeks flowing through rocks that extend as far the eye can see. If you walk far enough up or down the stones, you may find one of the few miniature waterfalls that gently crash into the ponds below. Shale borders the sides like shingles, the submerged shards smooth and ready to paint the fingers of anyone who touches them. Sometimes a log will take diagonal refuge across the water, providing adequate seating. The water is commonly home to striders, skittering their way across, cautious about even the slightest ripple. Some of the many things that really put together this beloved forest is the sounds and smells. The earthy scent is very refreshing, the blend of damp earth and fallen leaves almost euphoric to the mind. If you take a moment to sit, close your eyes, and listen to the woods, it 's almost as if nature is singing to you. The wind whispering through the leaves, the creek trickling through stone, birds fluttering and insects creating a gentle orchestra. It feels as if you emerge a new person when you step off of the trail to return to pavement and
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