Creative Writing: The Sniper

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The Sniper
The air was clean and the westward breeze had just begun to settle in; Thresher was still glancing at the mobilization order on the table. He had been in the army only for three months now. He was being called out to war! Not just any war, this one was going to be a game changer. For the last seventeen months, several aid workers had been held captive in a hostile zone. The army in the vicinity; the tenth infantry had been commissioned to get the missionaries before the hostiles kill their prisoners. These aid workers had been the key to bringing normalcy with the absence of racial discrimination among the native population in the region and it is critical that they continue their work without hindrances. Although, it seems to present
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They were more than a match for any ground operation strategies. The only way to destroy them was to call an air strike however; the aid workers are scattered throughout the city and the risk of killing them is far greater. It would be up to Thresher to sneak up and eliminate these units. The mobilization order was specific. A large scale invasion would be futile with the machine guns active. Hence, Thresher and his company of three in Mako, Cookie and Craius have been tasked to eliminate the machine guns. While his company have more than twelve years of experience, Thresher was just getting out of his training…show more content…
The companies of PD = Pride, LT = Lust, UF = Unfaithfulness, GD = Guilt and SD = Shame are always on the prowl. The aid workers are missionaries. The tenth infantry is the regular army of believers. The machine guns are powerful spiritual forces that will only fall to an attack from intercessory prayers. Thresher and his company are intercessory prayer warriors. They move like snipers and strike with deadly precision. God has chosen His snipers from His vast armies. These sniper prayer warriors are the most feared in the realms of hell. We usually feel overwhelmed by the thought of praying for the sick or financially troubled people. However, we should bear in mind that God chose David to fight Goliath. Similarly, if He has chosen us to play a part in a similar episode in the spiritual realms, we should feel encouraged. Hence the next time you get a call for a prayer service or receive a prayer request sms, ensure to respond positively and

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