Descriptive Essay: The Sniper By The Thresher

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The Sniper The air was clean and the westward breeze had just begun to settle in; Thresher was still glancing at the mobilization order on the table. He had been in the army only for three months now. He was being called out to war! Not just any war, this one was going to be a game changer. For the last seventeen months, several aid workers had been held captive in a hostile zone. The army in the vicinity; the tenth infantry had been commissioned to get the missionaries before the hostiles kill their prisoners. These aid workers had been the key to bringing normalcy with the absence of racial discrimination among the native population in the region and it is critical that they continue their work without hindrances. Although, it seems to present the view of a straight forward infantry battle, the city has been controlled by ten deadly machine gun units perched at vantage points; Special D units from companies called PD, LT, UF, GD and SD. Thresher and his class had studied the combat capabilities of these soldiers. They were more than a match for any ground operation strategies. The only way to destroy them was to call an air strike however; the aid workers are scattered throughout the city and the risk of killing them is far greater. It would be up to Thresher to sneak…show more content…
Finally, gathering all his nerves together Thresher makes his way to the city. Instead of entering it, he climbs a eucalyptus tree and marks his targets. Four silenced whistles later, there is only one machine gun left! In the next hour, Craius and Thresher have safely made it out. Remarkably, the reminder of the terrified army holding the city surrendered in haste as the tenth infantry approached the city! They lost five of their finest machine gun units in less than an hour to five bullets. Thresher fired eleven bullets in all and changed the war

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