Descriptive Essay: The Softball Game

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The Softball Game It is 60 degrees out, with 5 mph winds. It is my second to last game of the season. I am 9 years old and I am awesome at softball. This is just me playing my softball game, softball is my favorite sport. I am a pitcher, 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, outfielder, and also a short stop. I am a catcher that never catches because; I hate the dirt flying up in my face.
Next thing I know, the ball came straight at me then… WHAM it hit me, “ouch!” I yelped. I am playing third base, and then the ball got hit hard off the bat and came right towards me. I got hit on my arm, it was right below the inside of my right elbow and it hurt really badly. I saw that my arm is already black and blue, and the stitches from the ball are printed on my arm like a tattoo.
When I made the throw I ran off the field and into the dugout. I am done playing for a
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“Will I have to go to the doctor?” I asked my mom. “No,” said my dad as my mom nodded. I took off the ice, my arm was numb! I looked closely and saw through the black and blue bruise, the stitches from the softball. My dad popped in and said, ”that was a pretty hard hit of your arms like that.” I started to laugh.

After the game ended I went out on the field and high-fived the other team’s hands. My team won 25 to 1, we were so excited we jumped on each other and screamed. My whole team and I all packed up and went to the pitching mound. My coach asked, ”Reagan, are you alright?”
I told her, ’’Yes, it just made me stronger.” Everybody laughed along with me. Then it got serious real quick. My coach started talking to us for what felt like a half hour but was only five minutes. After, my team and I got team pictures. Then, we all left the field and went home. What a great night I thought to myself in sarcasm. As my IPad went off like 1,000 times. That day I realized that softball is a sport that you will get hurt
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