Descriptive Essay: The Wrestling Team

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There are many definitions of wrestling and this mine, a sport about trying to hold the opponent to the ground, usually according to certain rules and regulations. Before becoming a part of the wrestling team, I hold hardly any self confidence. I am extremely shy, I do not like it when someone calls on me, or standing up for myself.
A new week is beginning, nothing is changing. Walking into the wrestling room I still feel the same as I do everyday. My heart pumps hard, palms begin to sweat, and I sense the eyes from the overbearing wrestlers on me. the wrestlers and I are talking, while waiting on Waterloos team arrival. As I am focused on looking through the rectangular, thin pane of glass in the door. Then I see the wrestling team from Waterloo
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A minute before its time to do the national anthem coach calls the wrestling over and says, "The match will be starting at one thirteen, here's the lineup pass it around, Alexis your first". As the national anthem comes to an end my heart begins to race and my stomach begins to knot. I head to the table and check in. At the start of round one, I start to get tired. Kurt is quick and marvelous with technique and skill. Kurt pins me in the second round and my confidence drops from a seven to a two. After the match is over with the Waterloos coach asks for an exhibition match with his other wrestler a girl named Sam. Coach Snyder walks over to me and says, "Alexis's get ready you have an exhibition match". I tell myself " Sam and I are evenly matched, pick your head up, and let's get my first win". Right before the end of round one, I am holding Sam down and I'm trying to pin Sam. As I'm working to pin Sam all I hear is "Look up, squeeze tight, and dig your toes in the mat, and chest down". Then I pin Sam, the whistle blows! My Mom is going wild in the crowd screaming with joy! There I am with a vast grin on my face smiling ear to ear! I shake Sam's hand and I accomplish the Ref raising my hand. I then shake her coach's hand, then get high fives from my
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