Descriptive Essay: Why Arkansas Is Called The Natural State

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There is misunderstanding of why Arkansas is called the natural state. We have a wide range of outdoors activities. Arkansas has places where you can float the buffalo river in St. Joe, to spelunking in the caverns of Blanchard Springs, from the waterfall at Petit Jean to the carter of diamonds in Murfreesboro. Out of all of these places Pinnacle Mountain is my favorite place. Possibly because I have been unsuccessful at finding a diamond at Carter of diamonds state park. Pinnacle Mountain State Park is a wondering place to visit because of the beautiful view, the rigorous climb, and the kid friendly atmosphere. As you pull into Pinnacle State Park you start to feel this serene feeling as you see on the right a large field lined with trees, toward the front of the field be careful to not run over a child as there is a newly developed playground. To the left you see what looks like a pile of trees with a big rock on top of the trees. That is Pinnacle Mountain. Walking up the trail there is a sign that tells you the trail is a mile and half long, the trail is steep and rugged. The trail is numbered from one to ten and has each number passes a little sigh of relief is released. Number five has a bench that I have never understood why because the hike was pretty easy so far. As you make your way up to about…show more content…
The Arkansas River is the view on pinnacle. You can see three bridges along the Arkansas River. One driving bridge and two walking bridges: the I-40 bridge, the twin river bridge and the big dam bridge. If you hike around sunset the reflecting colors of the bridges spark in the river. The view at sunset is just overwhelming. As you finally make it to the top the mountain you can see the town Maumelle that is 5 miles away. On your way back down the mountain there is a crumbing pit in your stomach starting to turn, as you smell the grilling of the hot
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