Descriptive Essay: Why I Won The World Series

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One day, my family were watching the Royals game five of the World Series on the T.V. This wasn’t any game though, If the Royals won this game, they would win the World Series! I was watching the game with my parents and my two sisters, Caroline and Lucy. It was very exciting because the Royals hadn’t won the World Series in 30 years! The game started. In the bottom of the first, Curtis Granderson hit a solo home run. Inside I started to panic because the Royals hadn’t even gotten a hit yet. The Royals didn’t do anything in the top of the second, so that didn’t help my panicking. In the bottom of the second, the Mets didn’t score anything. I was still nervous since the Royals were still down by one. I was worried through the third, fourth, and fifth innings because the Royals and Mets didn’t really do anything. In the bottom of the sixth, Duda…show more content…
The score was now 2-1 but the Mets are still winning. My confidence boast was rising. Then Perez hits another double to tie the game! The inning ends, and I feel like I’m going to explode. Do we have a chance? My brain was flashing. The game went on to extra innings. Nothing happened in the tenth and eleventh innings, but in the twelfth Herrera hits a single! They put Dyson to pitch run for him. Then Dyson steals second! I was getting so excited! Then Cain hits a single, and Dyson runs in and we have the lead! I was so happy! Next, Escobar hits a double that sends Cain in! We are up 4-2! But it doesn’t stop there because then the bases get loaded, then Cain gets a double because they had rotated all the way through the rotation in one inning. After Cains double, all the people on base run in. It’s 7-2, but no one scores ant more runs for the rest of the inning. The Mets don’t score in the bottom of the twelfth! We won the World Series! As I went to bed, I could hear the fireworks going off. I also remember that that was the easiest night to fall
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