Descriptive Experience Essay

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I just moved into my new beach front house i was kind of bored of unboxing my stuff so I went down to get a snack at the shop next to the beach i yelled to my mum “i am going to the corner store near the beach’ my mum has blond hair is 36 is the coolest mum ever and loves to go surfing with me. I was at the beach corner store and i thought that i will go build a sandcastle and i saw something when i was digging a hole to make a sandcastle and i found something it was white with red patches it smell really bad i touched it and it was hard and smooth i dug the hole up again to investigate i told my mum and she said “it was probably some coral” i thought no it was smooth and coral is hard and bumpy so i ast my dad and he said that ti was probably a “dream or you imagination”but i said that it was definitely not my imagination i saw something and then i thought this case needs some serious sleuthing so what i did was i when to the beach the next day and i looked around and the white and red smooth object was not there so i went back home to investigate what could have happened and i was clueless on what could have happened but then i remembered dad 's suggestion saying that it was my imagination or just a dream.I was so confused about what was going on i called it a day and went to bed the next day i woke up in a hospital room not knowing where i was apparently there was a strange unidentified person or maybe a thing I was in shock i had no idear what to think my Mum told me i
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