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Holidays in Tenerife: 8 Reasons to Visit the Masca Valley Located in the western part of Tenerife, Masca Valley is not only one of the most beautiful places in Tenerife, but throughout the whole Canary Islands. The Masca village, the tiny hamlet in the area, perches atop the Macizo de Teno. It is a picturesque sight between the steep slopes of towering mountains, making it a must-see for everybody. Getting there and being there is an adventure, and you will be treated to sights, sounds, and flavours you will definitely cherish your whole life. Getting There is a “View-tiful” Journey Getting to Masca valley is an arduous but “view-tiful” journey. If you’re renting a car, be sure to have an experienced driver behind the wheel. With that said, you can pass through the village of Santiago del Teide and once you do, you will see why you need…show more content…
You will get to see idyllic views from your car window. People rave about the varying scenery, from deep ravines to lush greenery. Just being there makes you feel as if you’re journeying to a far-off fantasy land. Great Restaurants Serving Local Tenerife Cuisine Due to the influx of local and international tourists, the tiny hamlet is home to a number of restaurants serving traditional Tenerife cuisine. Don’t worry though, the village still retains its charm. With that said, the village is an agricultural hotspot. Not only will you be treated to eating delicious food, but you will also gorge on ones made with the freshest ingredients. Eating a hot meal or a snack of wrinkled potatoes and mojos is a great way to calm your nerves and refuel your tired muscles. It Feels - and looks - like Machu Pichu People can’t help but compare Masca valley to Machu Pichu, which is in Peru. Although beauty is subjective, you can definitely say that both have similarities. If Machu Pichu is part of your bucket list, Masca valley can sate your appetite for the

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