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The city Rio de Janeiro known for it’s very popular statue, it is a very relaxing and beautiful place to travel to! There are a ton of historical and amazing things to see and do in Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of popular and exciting restaurants to visit some even with ocean views. Many elegant and modern hotels around to stay at with many things to do too! Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the most fascinating and unique cities to visit in the world
Copacabana Palace hotel was built in 1923 and was the first luxury hotel in South America, and it’s still one of the best! Guests have access to “one of the cities largest” and most attractive swimming pools around(B). The large pool deck with chairs allows guests to relax and soak up the sun(B). Another attractive feature is the exclusive beach service. The hotel offers sun loungers, parasols, and free water to the hotel guest(D). Workers can even take care of your belongings while you 're enjoying the beach(D). If your interested in locating some good restaurants and local attractions, you will have to take a taxi to town(D). All though this hotel offers great deals you will have to pay more to go to good restaurants, shops, attractions.
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Today it’s still one of the best! Cafe de Forte is well known for its delicious waffles, they are a legend (B). There is also other tasteful breakfast and lunch options, no dinner (B). Travelers can enjoy some amazing desserts such as the “Santa Clara”. It 's a hazelnut cream with ice cream and raspberry syrup for only $7.71 (R$25.00) (D). This cafe is good priced the highest priced thing is $27.45 (R$89.00), not bad (D). Unfortunately, Cafe de Forte doesn 't serve dinner but the great ocean view will be wonderful during breakfast and

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