Descriptive Language In Fahrenheit 451

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Firemen burn houses instead of putting out fires; children kill each other; televisions are your loyal family members; reading books, writing books and expressing personal opinions can cause you in severe trouble. Can you imagine what kinds of society this is? This is the society with total censorship. In Canadian writer Ray Bradbury’s science fiction “Fahrenheit 451”, this bizarre society is being depicted and criticized. Fahrenheit 451, it is the autoignition temperature for papers. It is “the temperature at which book paper catches fire and burns…” The title of the book attracted me in the first place, I was curious about the meaning of it. As I read through pages, I was then attracted by the use of descriptive language. The book is divided…show more content…
Maybe yes. The “evil forces” die, the country no longer exist. Faber lives; Montag lives and the men memorize the books in their mind and decides to pass the knowledge to the next generation. Maybe no. The books are burned; Mildred and other innocent people die; the disorder in the society is not fixed and it might pass to the next generation.
“Fahrenheit 451” uses a lot of imagery to portray the features of the wrong society and the people live in the condition. It makes me think of the lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence”, “People talking without speaking; people hearing without listening; people writing songs that voices never share and no one dared disturb the sound of silence.” People notice the oddness in the society but yet they never dare or care to change. They wear smiling masks, but under the masks, tears are falling and hearts are breaking. Perhaps the best ending for the censored society is to fall apart and break. “Fight for what you believe in. Stay sensitive about the environment around you and never forget to reexamine yourself and the actions you make.” is the message that I get from reading this book. This book is didactic, it not only reflects the problems in the censored society (which is still present in the current society) and it warns people to stay cool headed and clear
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