Descriptive Language In The Great Gatsby

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The novel being discussed is ‘The Great Gatsby’ written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The character being portrayed in this task is Jay Gatsby or James Gatz (former name) he is a very mysterious and suspicious individual and is the main character in the novel. He is in love with a woman named Daisy, who he met 5 years ago and was planning to marry but had to leave her and sail for war, he promised to return but was too late as she had married Tom Buchannan. He then traveled all over Europe, sulking in his sorrows, trying to forget Daisy. He then bought a house on West Egg across the lake from Daisy’s house. He throws parties in his house where people walk in uninvited in hopes that she might come to one of them. The purpose of the task was to give Gatsby the opportunity to express his emotions that he has been hiding from everyone. There isn’t a specific target audience for this task. A Diary entry was used to accomplish these objectives as it is the best method for a character to express their emotions. I have referred to events in the novel to emphasize the fact that Gatsby is always thinking about Daisy, such as “she was in her slick white roadster”. A lot of descriptive language was also used to allow Gatsby more expressiveness. I used words such as “enchanted” to describe the green light at Daisy’s house. I started the task with “Deary diary,” and I was also careful to not jump ahead in time since the Diary entry takes place at a set time. The task shows my understanding
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