Descriptive Mexican Restraunt

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BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The sound of my alarm blowing up in my ear at six in the morning, forcing me to wake up! I opened my eye and had a smile on my face when I remembered we were leaving to Outer Banks, North Carolina! Everyone got up and got ready to go. We grabbed all our suitcases and snack, then packed them in the truck. When everyone was settled in we began our 21 hour journey to Outer Banks, North Carolina.
Along the way my family and I watched many movies and slept quite a bit. We met up with my cousin then stopped and spent the night in West Virginia, the next morning we went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Then drove the rest of the way, finally we arrived!
After spending a couple days waking up to a striking view and having extraordinary adventures. The best day of them finally all came! That morning I sprang out of bed and went to
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They took for ever! By the time pictures were over everyone was up for a good meal. We chose to go out to eat, our choice were a seafood or mexican restaurant. We all chose the Mexican restraunt. The food was excellent, I would say it was the best Mexican restaurant ever!
By the time we got home the sun was starting to go down so we headed down to the beach one last time for the day. We found tons of shells! As we walked farther down the beach we ended up on the virginia, North Carolina border, so of course we had to take a picture! As we walked back home there was a dead stingray washed up on shore, and a group of dolphins. Plus there were tons a little crabs all over the beach!
When we got back to the beach house my family and I sat on the deck and watched a group of wild horses roaming around in our yard. All of the sudden two horses started kicking and biting each other! Both stallions were fight to see which one was the more dominant one, after what felt like several minutes the horses stopped fighting. Everyone said their goodnights and headed to
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