Descriptive Narrative Essay

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The scorching sun 's golden rays brushed the ground, making the whole world glimmer under its touch. The cold pavement was slowly getting heated up. I rolled up my sleeping rag and pushed it into the plastic bag. My stomach growled loudly, reminding me about the two days that I had spend without food. My temperature had come down to normal yesterday, and I was ready to work again. I slowly pulled out my black guitar with red flames all over it. The guitar shone under the sun rays. It had been more than six years since I had brought this guitar. I had taken care of it like a baby, since then. I polish it every night with a piece of rag, that I have saved. The black strap that was attached to it was worn out, and could tear apart any day. I threw it over my shoulder and walked to a more crowded place, on the street. The shops were opening slowly and the flood of people slowly increased. I gazed at the window displays with wide eyes. The pink sundress was still on display in the boutique. I wish I could buy it one day! As usual the man from the sweetshop stood near the glass door, smiling at me. This usual routine has been taking place for the past three months. But I must admit, the guy looks cute. His perfect, sharp jawbone is to die for. It could easily cut through all those soft cakes, I would look at hungrily. His electric blue eyes smiled at me warmly. I replied with a gentle smile and shuffled forward hurriedly. I was so embarrassed to even look at him, with my
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