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Travel Descriptions Boracay Despite emerging competition and changing tourist trends, Boracay remains the queen of Philippine beaches. Boracay's stretch of white sand kissing cool blue waters is picture-perfect; just beyond the sand, the line of branded and boutique hotels, restaurants and other establishments catering to tourists give the beach a cosmopolitan air. Boracay is a true paradise where you can relax and play at the beach during the day and party Ibiza-style once the sun goes down. Baguio City There is more than one way to escape the heat of Manila, and one of them is to travel all the way up in the mountains to Baguio City. The American playground during the US colonization of the Philippines, Baguio is the country's summer capital, owing to its cold mountain weather. It is a city designed for…show more content…
Mayon, a volcano known for its perfectly shaped cone. Mayon dominates Albay's landscape and, as it is active and temperamental, Albay's people as well. If you dare, you can scale Mayon up to its summit. If not, you can always visit Albay's other attractions, such as the hills of Lignon and Kawa-kawa. Batangas Batangas is a good place for a weekend getaway. The province is far enough for you to escape the chaos of Manila, but near enough for you to enjoy the creature comforts of city life. In Batangas, you can visit old houses dotting its towns, experience diver's high in Anilao, explore the Calatagan mangroves, or hop from one beach to another in search of fun on the sand. Davao City If you're an adrenaline junkie, progressive Davao City, with its emphasis on the outdoors, is the place to be. There's nothing quite like the rush of whitewater rafting on raging Davao River or zip-lining across Eden Nature Park. A visit to Davao won't be complete without viewing the waling-waling orchid, the country's national flower, or a stop at the Philippine Eagle Center, a habitat for the critically endangered Philippine eagles.

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