Descriptive Qualitative Studies

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This study employed a descriptive qualitative study. According to Burns and Grove (2003:201), descriptive qualitative study “is designed to provide a picture of a situation as it naturally happens”. Again, a descriptive qualitative study focuses on collecting, organizing and summarizing information on the problem under investigation (Hamied & Maliek, 2014).
Furthermore, this study was theoretically qualitative because it was relevant to some characteristics: first, main focus of this study is on describing what happened, what the situation or event is like and how the things are related to each other (Hamied & Malik, 2014). Second, the data collection in this study was directed toward discovering the teaching process. According to Sandelowski (2000) the data collection in qualitative descriptive studies is typically directed toward discovering who, what, and where of events or experiences, or their basic nature and shape. Third, this study used multiple data collection techniques (observations, document analysis, and interview) and analyzed by analytic procedure. According to Bogdan & Biklen (1992) to obtain and analyze the data in the descriptive qualitative data, the data should be analyzed qualitatively from various instruments.
3.2 Research Site and Participants
The participant of the research was a teacher of English at one of junior high schools in Bangka Tengah, Bangka Belitung. The teacher of English in the school has better experiences in teaching English at junior

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