Descriptive Research For Starbucks

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Starbucks Corporation is the world leader in specialty coffee consumption. Arising overnight in a market in Seattle, Washington, the company today offers premium coffees with a superior level of customer service and premium in the world. Starbucks is a great example of a company that has successfully adopted a strategy of differentiation approach tailored to ensuring good quality, concentrate, which, for customers of the company, the price is essentially any object. Starbucks is a huge company especially in the Middle East and it is one of the biggest coffee shops companies in the world. If they want to remain at this level of reputation, they should have a proper way to research about their market status. Research designs are a big field and there is more than one type of research designs that can be used. Each one has its own methods, results, and expectations. Research designs can be either descriptive or explanatory researches. Descriptive researches are the ones that describe the actions and explain exactly what is going on. Explanatory on the other hand are the ones that answers the "why" Questions where it explains why the action is happening. In our case, if Starbucks wants to do a research to know what they can do to attract more customers or increase the satisfaction of their customers, they should do an explanatory research. This way they can understand the reasons why customers like or dislike their products; they can know if their products are the reason of

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